Technology and Innovation Product Manager and Designer
Helping teams building usable products.

I am a Digital Product Management / Design consultant with a demonstrated experience in product strategy, product development, user experience and user research.
I recently joined Nabed Educational Health Solution, an innovative technology specialized platform that offers credible Arabic health content for more than 300 million Arab citizens helping them taking well informed decisions for better health outcomes. Nabed’s ecosystem allows health providers to improve their quality of services by providing them with the necessary tools.

I’m a former senior product and services manager at ArabiaGIS in Beirut, Lebanon, where i lived for the better part of 5 years and during which i was fortunate to work on small and large scale products and projects in the private, public and non-profit sectors.
Before that i was in product roles involving product design, analysis and development at companies like ArabiaGIS, Talent Methods, Buzzlabs and Sokin, working in different industries across the middle east and Africa.

Driven by the passion to empower civil society organizations in Lebanon, I volunteer to help several NGOs building their online presence and making use of technology in their daily work (Bahithat, LPHU, Nahnoo, Green Southerns, Secours Lebanaise, WoMENA, ...). I served as Director of Administration of the PMI - Lebanon 2011-2013 and I am an active member of the project management community.

Recent Work

Al Mashghal App and Portal

Platform for businesses and educational institutions.

LADE Monitoring App

Elections Monitoring and Data Collection App.

Municipal Transparency App

A Platform that aims to increase transparency for local govs.

Lebanese Ministry of Environment Portal

A portal for the Lebanese MoE focusing on increasing environmental awereness

Elections Monitoring System

Online Elections Monitoring System for the Lebanese Elections.

Labor Market Observatory App

A platform with an app that allows small and medium enterprises to get access to the labor force.

NGO Monitoring and Evaluation

tahaki online platform for NGOs M&E, Beneficiaries, Programs and Services management.

NGO M&E Dashboard

Dashboard component in tahaki NGO platform for monitoring and evaluation.

Intermunicipal Portal

A platform that allows inter-municipality communication and citizens engagement.

Municipal Transparency Dashboard

As part of Baldati platform, municipalities will be able to publish financial records in an easy way for citizens to digest.

Al Najdeh Website

A website for Al Najdeh NGO, designed as part of the the CSR arm of

LADE portal

A portal that enables citizens to engage in the Lebanese elections transparency and monitoring activities.

Get In Touch

I am always open for product management and design consultancy opportunities and ready to volunteer some of my free time to community service.