NGO Cloud Software

Non Profit Organizations are moving to the cloud.

Non profit organizations are relying on ICT platforms to manage their operations, increase the visibility of their achievements and maximize the impact on their civic causes. Here comes the question do we develop those system or do we go cloud. Read More

Hasan Jaffal | 15/12/2016 | tags: NGO - ICT4D

ArabiaGIS Agile Software Development In Lebanon

ArabiaGIS customized software development Agile methodologies

ArabiaGIS has a professionally strong rooted background in traditional systems development. However, we then decided to give some passionate and highly professional active team members the opportunity. Read More

Hasan Jaffal | 12/9/2016 | tags: ArabiaGIS - Agile - Scrum - Software Development

Hasan Jaffal Scrum Agile Tour Beirut

Introduction to SCRUM by Hasan Jaffal at Agile Tour Beirut 2015

I had the opportunity to give a speech about Scrum at agile tour Beirut 2015. The conference focuses on agile project management, leadership, creativity, innovation, people-centric approaches, continuous improvement, and fun. Read More

Hasan Jaffal | 8/4/2016 | tags: Agile - Scrum - Project Management

Hasan Jaffal in the second national project management conference in Lebanon

The Project Management Conference | Lebanon 2015.

Our knowledge became more up-to-date by attending a wide range of technical workshops in project management, we have been fed by positive energy and leadership motivation as we have listened to the inspired words and success stories. Read More

Hasan Jaffal | 25/11/2015 | tags: PMI - PMI Lebanon Chapter - Project Management